Please note; All Inspection services that are offered by Rest Assured Home Inspections, are Not a "Code Inspection".
  • Pre - Purchase Home Inspections
  • Pre - Listing Home Inspections
  • Stage Inspections
  • Home Health check up
  • Pre- Renovation
  • Thermal Imaging \ Infrared Inspections
  • Air Leakage testing
  • Mould \mold Inspections
  • Indoor air quality inspections
  • Septic Inspection
  • Well Inspection
Pre - Purchase Home Inspections

Please note; I prefer my Clients to be present and accompany me on the Inspection to get the most out of the inspection such as, maintenance tips and things to keep an eye on that may become a problem.

I also encourage my clients after they have made the purchase to contact me about any concerns.

Scope of the Inspection

The purpose of a Hamilton home inspection or Burlington home inspection is to provide information about the condition of the home’s systems and components - at the time of the inspection. An inspection will help you make an informed purchase decision.

I do a visual inspection by looking at the home’s various systems, including interior and exterior components. I check exterior components including roofing, flashing, chimneys, gutters, downspouts, wall surfaces, windows, doors, the foundation and the grading around it.

Note: if the inspection takes place in the winter, the roof and the foundation may not be fully visible for inspection if they are covered with snow and/or ice. For safety and insurance reasons, I would not typically climb up on a roof covered with snow or ice. However, I inspect the roof from the ground or other vantage point. This also applies to the chimney and downspouts.

If problems beyond the scope of the inspection are found, I may recommend further evaluation by an accredited specialist in the appropriate field.

To inspect a wood-burning appliance, such as a fireplace or wood stove Home Inspectors must be WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified. This is a service that I will be offering in the future, however, regrettably I am not WETT certified at present.

The association that I belong to, OAHI (Association of Home Inspectors), has a code of ethics that prevents home inspectors from offering services to repair or improve homes they have inspected. While we may provide you with a personal opinion on the repairs and a range of costs involved based on past experience, it is recommended that you obtain three independent quotes from qualified contractors for the repair of any defects or deficiencies identified during the inspection. I would be happy to go over the quotes along with you.

I provide an electronic report that is ready within about 2 hours after the completion of the inspection. At which time, it is my preference to go over the report with you on my laptop. I can provide you with a sample report if requested.

Please feel free to call me anytime for any questions you may have.
Pre - Listing Home Inspections

You may want to consider the benefits of having your home inspected before you put it on the market.  Without a doubt, this is the best time for a home inspection for all involved.

When a home inspection is performed as a final contingency of sale, there is little time to absorb its impact.  At this time of high emotional stress deficiencies can be easily blown out of proportion causing over reaction and possibly kill the deal.

Consider sharing the report with potential buyers up front - people are far more receptive to such deficiencies when they are disclosed immediately.

Other benefits include decreased surprises, fewer re-negotiations, a better selling price, less likely litigation for improper disclosure and an increased chance that a deal will close.

Buyers are still responsible to perform their own due diligence and their own inspection of the property, if they choose to.  

Stage Inspections

Stage Inspections are performed when there are Renovations or other work being done to your home.

This is to ensure that the work being completed is to a certain level of quality, and peace of mind.

Home Health check up

Have you lived in your home for some time now and wonder how it is fairing? Why is it that we give our cars a tune up but never think about our homes in this manner?

The Home is usually the largest investment that we make in our lifetime, we need to protect it.

With the Home Check up Inspection, John will do an Inspection and give you a list of items that should be repaired, replaced, monitored and maintained.

This is almost the same as the Inspection you had done when you purchased your home, but is offered for a lessor cost.


This Inspection will not come with the same report as the Pre-Purchase inspection;  this helps to keep the costs down and simply give you the items that are in need of maintenance or Repair at the time of Inspection.

Inspect Before You Renovate

A professional building inspection by a qualified Inspector can help you separate the NEEDS from the WANTS.

It's time - the long awaited renovations can start! But you have questions such as is that wall load bearing, can my electrical service handle the new kitchen appliances?

A home inspector can provide unbiased answers, While it may seem like an odd call to make, hiring an inspector to check out the house systems before you start ripping things apart makes sense when you stop to think about it. 

Doing what you want almost always leads to doing things you weren't planning. This can happen because of hidden problems discovered as work progresses
. Also, when you have the bones of the house exposed it makes sense to make changes that make future changes easier and less costly.

This requires thinking of the whole house as a living system.  An inspector understands the impact doing work on one part of the house will have on other areas. The inspector can help determine what work can be avoided or deferred.

Mechanical Systems
You may have to decide if upgrades are needed to the electrical service, heating system, or plumbing to support the new work. 

Structural support may be compromised if interior walls are changed. Work with an inspector to determine if a wall is load bearing, and how you may be able to work around it.  

Roof work is required if you are adding onto a house, or simply adding a dormer or skylight. The inspector can discuss your options when you consider replacement of all existing materials, or tie in the new work with the old.

You may start an experiment in mould growth when you finish a basement in an old house. Get advice on how to reduce or eliminate dampness, often with easy to implement and low cost suggestions. An inspector can also discuss basement finishes to minimize the risk of water damage and mould growth.

The scope of a Pre-Renovation consultation is defined by a combination of homeowner input, work planned and the existing condition of the house. It is a less rigid inspection, and requires an experienced inspector.

Plan your work better by fully understanding the existing condition of the house before you get started. Minimize the risk of unexpected repairs as the job proceeds. You also get the chance to make improvements to corollary systems as you go, increasing the efficiency of your upgrades. 

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera is a separate inspection tool that a trained person can use to find thermal anomalies that may be a contributing factor to heat loss/ heat gain or indicate a water problem among other potential problems.
Be sure to talk to us about this service and how it can be a very useful tool that could pay for itself very quickly.
Air Leakage Testing
Air leakage can be found using a blower door and the Infrared Camera.

There are several reasons that you would like to seal these air leakages: 

  • Air leakage means that you have cold air in winter and warm air in the summer coming into your home (increases your heating/cooling costs).
  • Air leakage that comes in can also condense, this means that the air drops out the moisture that it holds and releases it where the dewpoint is in your wall!  This may lead to mold and/or rot. 
  • Comfort.


Indoor air quality Testing

At Rest Assured Home Inspections, we understand the importance of Air Quality and the effects of not having good Air Quality.

This may be due to Mold, pet dander, Dust mites and a whole host of other causes. In Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding area's look to Rest Assured Home Inspections to assess the Indoor air quality, Mold and\or any other allergens that may be playing havoc with you, Family or a friend.

Call us today 905-966-7378 to set up an appointment to find out how the Indoor air quality and\or Mold in your home may be affecting the health of you and your family.

Ask John about Our package deals 

Septic Inspection:

Visual inspection and reporting of:

  • Approximate tank setbacks from rivers, ponds, wells, buildings, etc. are measured.
  • Findings of a visual inspection of the area deemed to be over the absorption bed.
  • Tank lid condition, if readily accessible.
  • The approximate size of tank is measured to best of our abilities based on probing in area of tank.
  • Effluent filter’s condition, if present
  • Findings as compared to today’s standards, with comment on notable variances for existing system.
  • A camera may be used to assess the condition of the pipe leading from the home to the tank.
  • We will educate you on what to and what NOT to do with a Septic system.

It is highly recommended to have the tank pumped out during the inspection; speak with us about this to find out what the advantages are.

Well Inspection:

We offer a Well yield test, this test will test the recovery of the well.

We also test the Well water for PH, Iron, Hardness and Nitrate/Nitrite.

We will explain how the system works and what you need to know to get the most out of the system.