Choosing a Home Inspector - Why Choose Rest Assured Home Inspections?

The Ontario Association of Home Insptors (OAHI) gives the following advice for home buyers (link):

Home inspection requires special training, knowledge and good communication skills. When considering the qualifications of a home inspector, it’s also useful to think in terms of knowledge, experience, training, certification, industry participation and licensing. A home inspector who has invested time and resources in each of these categories is worth considering. However, potential homebuyers looking to hire a home inspector may find it difficult to figure out all the different memberships, certifications, qualifications and abbreviations that home inspectors may have and what these titles say about the ability of the home inspectors to do a complete inspection and provide a good assessment of the condition of the home.

The home inspection industry, with support from CMHC, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and the Construction Sector Council, developed and validated a national occupational standard for home inspectors and a national certification program model to harmonize licensing, standards of performance and the certification of private home inspectors across the country. The purpose was to develop a rigorous and nationally consistent framework for the training and certification of home inspectors in Canada that potential homebuyers could use to identify qualified home inspectors. This national standard and certification program model also provides a way for home inspectors to demonstrate their knowledge and competence. You may ask whether an inspector has been certified by an organization based on this national occupational standard and national certification program model.

Rest Assured Home Inspections meets or exceeds ALL the recommended home inspection standards.

This includes:

  • We are an active member of OAHI, the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors  (
  • We are also an active member of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (
  • As part of the ongoing certification requirements, and also based on our commitment to the best service, we participate in ongoing education opportunities so that we are always up to date on the latest home and technology information.

Our lead inspector, John Hansen, also brings a wealth of industry knowledge from working in the construction industry. From a young age John has worked in many fields of construction including design, painting & decorating, carpentry, kitchen and bathrooms renovations, plumbing, and electrical.

We have many happy customers and can provide you with references if desired. Read our customer reviews to see a sample of what people say about Rest Assured Home Inspections.

As part of our commitment to providing high quality and unbiased information, Rest Assured Home Inspections limits its services to the inspection of your home or business. Many home inspectors will offer you remediation or other services after the inspection. We feel this is a violation of ethics and we will never put ourselves in a situation where we are not working solely for YOUR benefit.